NoticeI'm stopping further development of Quill 🥲30 Aug 2022

Hello, my name is Eunjae Lee. I'm from South Korea, now living in France, working as a full-time software engineer. I've been always passionate about productivity tools, and Craft has been my beloved choice for note taking. That's why I have decided to work on Quill, so that I can freely write once in Craft, and easily get it published. I just checked. I bought the domain in February 2021 🙂

For sustainable development, I needed paying users. I put a lot of effort and time after my full-time work. I had to juggle among my work, my personal time, my time with my family, etc. It was not easy, but it was so thrilling that I was making something very useful to me.

However, as you know, life happens. I guess I'm in the middle of transition to another phase in my life. I tried to keep working on Quill, but I have accepted that it's no longer sustainable. Also, as Craft grows super rapidly, I couldn't keep up with what they're doing. I love it as Craft user, but it's impossible for me to just be aware of all the changes, while being a full-time employee.

New sign-ups are blocked. Existing (a few) customers can keep using Quill since I'm going to keep the server running because I still use it. However, I also offered them a full refund of what they have paid if they want to leave Quill.

It's hard to describe how much I appreciate all of you. So many people showed their interest. So many people have rooted for me. I witnessed conversations on Craft's Slack where someone was asking for custom domain support, and someone else popped up to introduce Quill to them. I really love all the support you have shown. And I am also sorry that I didn't make it up to what you wished to have. I'm pretty sure the Craft team will bring something satisfactory to you. That's what they've been doing, right?

If you want to connect with me, feel free to follow me on Twitter @eunjae_lee. Thanks, everyone. See you!